Newsletter 2008 November

November 2008
Serpent Egg Clock (Courtesy Cleveland Museum of Art)
Serpent Egg Clock (Courtesy Cleveland Museum of Art)
Serpent Egg Clock
(Courtesy Cleveland Museum of Art)
One of the goals of the Fabergé Research Newsletter is to allow Fabergé enthusiasts to share discoveries and news items with a worldwide audience. In this special edition of the newsletter, it is my pleasure to feature two fascinating reader contributions relating to the Blue Serpent Egg on view in Cleveland, Ohio. My special thanks to Geoffrey Munn of Wartski, London, and Annemiek Wintraecken of the Netherlands, for advancing Fabergé scholarship.

The Rediscovery of the Serpent Egg Clock

“I read your entry concerning the Serpent Egg Clock with great interest and can add some details concerning its rediscovery, which you and your readers might find amusing.” Geoffrey Munn

The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs: New Discoveries Revise Timeline

Annemiek Wintraecken in her essay proves her hypotheses:

  • The Blue Serpent Clock Egg is the egg belonging to the Fabergé invoice of the year 1895.
  • The 1895 Twelve Monogram Egg is the same egg as the missing 1896 Alexander III Portraits Egg.
  • For the year 1887, a new (Ed. Note: Later determined to be 1895) Imperial Easter Egg has emerged.
  • A Bonus Discovery Unveiled.
egg grid

I eagerly look forward to more exciting reader contributions in the year to come.

happy holidays 2009
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