Auctions & Dealers

1913 Winter Egg
1913 Winter Egg
1994 $5.6 million (US)
2002 $9.6 million (US)
1902 Rothschild Clock
1902 Rothschild Clock
2007 $18.5 million (US)
Guidelines for potential purchasers are discussed in the essay, Authentic Fabergé, Fauxbergé … What Is It?

Auction houses holding annual spring and fall Russian/Fabergé sales are Bonhams, Christie’s, and Sotheby’s. Illustrated catalogs for individual sales or by annual subscriptions are available for purchase. Since 1995, sold lot archives are posted on each of the websites. Older hard copy catalogs may be obtained from Jeffrey Eger Auction Catalogues.


Requests for appraisals and authentication should be sent to reputable Fabergé dealers in the United Kingdom or the United States:

Two of these family-owned businesses have for many years been actively engaged in Fabergé exhibitions worldwide and have published scholarly exhibition catalogs. A partial list of their publications is included in Selected Fabergé Bibliography.

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